The remarkable story of David Yurman

Here in this present day era associated with the superstar when just about every single ensemble or dress is literally scrutinised by the fashion magazines one particular man stands head and shoulders over the remainder of the pack when it comes to crafting magnificent pieces of hand crafted jewelry and that male is David Yurman.

Favored by the megastars and the people this person has lifted himself from obscurity only 33 years back to end up one of the most praised fine jewelry creators in the world….definitely not bad for a high school dropout !

Yurman came from a family unit that nurtured creative thinking and and so it was no big unexpected surprise when Yurman began exhibiting a desire for art and sculpture. However, Yurman wasn’t merely a penniless artist he already had a reasonable commercial head on his young shoulders and was very soon trying to sell small sculptures to his associates at college. Recognizing the fact that he can potentially get hard earned cash via his creative abilities brought him the self-confidence to focus on his dreams.

Perhaps recognizing that an conventional education and learning wasn’t to his calling he dropped out of school and devoted a good deal of of the 1960’s spending time out in Greenwich Village in New York. This specific area was a hotbed of creative thinking at that time with young novelists, poets and painters rubbing shoulders with each other. David Yurman was pleased with his life style as a sculptor being lucky to connect with a number of renowned painters.

Who is to say just what direction his life may well have gone if he hadn’t got together with the true love of his life on a lucky encounter ? She had also been a budding artisan called Sybil and they both fell in love with each other.

Yurman would regularly design little art forms for Sybil as tokens of love and one such object (a belt buckle) captured the interest of an artwork vendor. david yurman with wife SybilThe person offered a small business proposal to Yurman suggesting if David might bulk manufacture these kind of buckles where they could later end up being marketed commercially. Like many a struggling painter Yurman’s proud values caused him to decline this offer given that he quite possibly believed the creating of the clasp was too personalized to simply proceed and commercialize it however , demonstrating Yurman’s innate aptitude for business and Sybil‚Äôs delicate persuasion he swiftly started considering options for creating jewelry on a far more professional basis.

His step forward sprang in the 70’s with the creation of a sterling silver bangle which in turn possessed a cutting edge style and design that resembled a twisted rope. Sales and profits went through the ceiling and David Yurman quickly became a household name. To date he has distributed more than 3 hundred 1000 braided bracelets and David reckons that over 1 / 2 anything David Yurman sells is actually a cable bracelet.

Yurman has since strengthened his popularity as the number one jewellery designerin the u . s and in addition developed his jewelry range to include neck laces, rings, earrings, sun shades, timepieces and even perfume.

His jewellery can certainly be quite expensive but Yurman utilizes nothing but the best materials and every different design whispers the level of quality. In spite of this, it would certainly be drastically wrong to claim his jewelry is much too costly basically because they’re certainly not. A number of jewellery throughout his collection retail only for a few hundred or so dollars.

Having mentioned all of that in certain cases with high-priced jewelry it is more about making a declaration, whatever statement that might happen to be but generally it is love ! You can not set a price tag on it.