David Yurman for Women

Some would argue that jewelry is for women not for men. Although I would tend to disagree with that I do believe that most jewelry designers create jewelry first and foremost with women in mind.

Traditionally, it has always been that way and I can’t see it changing any time soon. As a result, women are spoilt for choice when it comes to designers creating stunning pieces of jewelry for them to wear. David Yurman is no exception and he caters for most women’s tastes providing that the lady likes classy jewelry !

Yurman’s success can be traced back to the design of a woman’s bracelet he created thirty years ago. The silver cable bracelet has now become a signature theme throughout most of his designs and. of course, it was designed to be worn by women.

The cable bracelet was a phenomenal success and as sales continued to rise then David Yurman was able to expand his collection to include other pieces. Despite the passing of time, the cable bracelet design is still the most successful item in his collection today !

David Yurman leather braceletThe current David Yurman collection for women is now much wider and diverse than it was when he first set out. Bracelets are still a staple of his collection but they’re available in a wide choice of styles and designs. Silver is his preferred choice of material across all categories of jewelry and especially bracelets but in recent years his collection has become more innovate and contemporary. One fine example is the leather braided bracelet which has echoes of the original cable bracelet from 30 yrs back.  This design has evolved into variations of the same theme and as well as the leather bracelets there are also rubber weave bracelets-the clasp is always in silver of course (David’s favourite metal) !

The introduction of bead bracelets has been very succesful and they are a welcome addition to the David Yurman range. Available in black onyx, malachite, tiger’s eye and various other stones there is plenty to choose from.

There is but one bracelet made from gold and that is an 18 karat gold beauty. The vast majority of his bracelets are crafted from silver and as mentioned leather or rubber.

Prices are more than reasonable as fifteen of the bracelets in the collection retail for less than $ 400 which isn’t bad for a premier jewelry designer.


David Yurman sunglasses and perfume line

While having established a name for him self inside the jewelry industry, David Yurman has now produced a fresh assortment of designer eye wear that’s already obtained the stamp of approval of various high profile celebrities. 

Designed with the same flair as DY jewellery, the sun glasses collection is a fantastic addition to the David Yurman collection with both a women’s along with gents range available for sale.

david yurman perfumeIn time for X-mas you’ll also find a range of fragrances for women in delicate, fresh and exotic essences. The perfume bottles are beautifully designed and would undoubtedly look really good on anyone’s dressing table.

The good looks of the fragrance bottle applies even more to the signature perfume range where the fragrance bottle really does looks like an artistic sculpture ! 

Yurman has almost turned sun glasses in to a kind of jewelry with several of his eyewear models including gold or sterling silver arms. With the women’s collection several of Yurman’s designs feature little highlights of precious or semi gemstones around the frame.


The second part of our fake David Yurman guide

The very next thing you must ask of yourself is actually where is the particular pieces of jewelry coming from ? If it is coming from China and Taiwan or even the Far East then you could easily be very certain that these are false items.

What amount of pieces is the vendor marketing ? If he is putting up for sale numerous items of the exact same design then it implies that he / she or she are marketing fakes.

If you aren’t completely happy with the snap shots employed then communicate with the seller to demand more images. If they’re unwilling then don’t buy ! Often, traders will use the same photo from the exact same angle and are not really thrilled with regards to being asked to send out further pics.

In the event that you might have already purchased some David Yurman jewelry and you also suspect it could possibly be counterfeited then relax a bit. The first thing you should do is inspect it intently the instant you receive it. If it has real diamonds then these should really be clear not tinted.

Check out the hallmark. Is it neatly stamped or does it look a little rough ?

If you think it might be a fake then take it to a localised jewelry expert or even better your local David Yurman store and request them to authenticate it. In the event that they indicate it is actually a counterfeit then make contact with the trader straightaway inquiring about your money back.

Perhaps the greatest guidance to give is that if you’re not convinced then don’t think of buying the item. It is not worth the risk !

The first part of our Fake David Yurman guide

As with many well-known designers across the world there is an ever increasing propensity for a few deceitful individuals to try and copy fashionable design brands and successfully pass them off as genuine products, lamentably David Yurman is considered to be no exception. 

By way of a little bit of sound judgment plus some effective tips we think you really should be in a position to identify a imitation piece of David Yurman before you actually actually decide to purchase the product. 

Most individuals will start looking for authentic David Yurman bargains on Auction web sites and this is precisely where we will concentrate our attention. 

Get going with the actual dealer on Ebay . com. What’s their testimonials rating ? In case they have any kind of negative remarks then exactly how many ? If they have favourable opinions then just how recent are they ? 

Consider some other stuff that the seller is presently offering on Ebay. In the event they’re selling some other Yurman jewelry and they’re virtually all at reduced selling prices in comparison to the store price then it’s beginning to look suspicious. 

Look at the actual seller’s description meticulously. Does the vendor make use of words and phrases such as “David Yurman inspired” or “David Yurman style” ? Get the idea ? They’re literally revealing to you in their outline that it isn’t a genuine item !! 

Take a look closely at the actual snaps in the listing. Has the trader selected a generic photo that they have scraped from the internet or does the photo have an amateur look about it.

Surprisingly, if the picture looks like it was taken in someone’s living room then that’s a better sign than if it looks like it was taken in a photography studio as it suggests the photo is a genuine representation of the item they are selling rather than someone copying and pasting an image they have found on a website somewhere.

David Yurman for men

Many people may presume that jewellery is purely suitable for women yet , that is certainly not accurate. There is definitely completely nothing wrong with males showing off expensive jewelry even more so if he is sporting some thing classic or maybe extravagant. David Yurman jewellery for gents is actually probably by far the most popular expensive jewelry product lines in the present day.

A number of of the most popular items of jewellery for men normally include a leather bracelet with a silver hold, very understated but also very stylish, a much the same design and style is also observed in the braided rubber wristband. Mens silver bracelets are also extremely popular and are commonly crafted with David Yurman’s trademark cable design and style. The difference between the men’s and women’s bracelet is how thick the silver is on the guy’s bracelet.

David Yurman additionally makes necklaces for fellas and usually in the appearance of an ID type dog tag with the tag in a wide variety of various styles and materials available to choose from.

A a lot more distinguished element of the David Yurman collection are men’s cuff links. Available predominantly in sterling silver but also a few other materials a DY set of studs brings a bona fide touch of class to a business suit or conventional shirt.

David Yurman being worn by Joe Jonas

Joe Jonas wearing David Yurman spiritual beads

David Yurman timepieces are growing to be ever more popular and it’s not very difficult to see the reason why. Made out of precisely the same touch of style as the rest of David Yurman’s jewelry. a DY timepiece exudes class and you can also safely assume that the watch’s functionality is beyond doubt.

Men’s watches are mostly available with leather straps but the faces come with a wide choice of designs to choose from.

More recent additions to the collection are belt buckles and sun glasses.

A number of male celebrities love David Yurman such as Brad Pitt, Justin Bieber, Joe Jonas and Bruno Mars to name just a few !