The first part of our Fake David Yurman guide

As with many well-known designers across the world there is an ever increasing propensity for a few deceitful individuals to try and copy fashionable design brands and successfully pass them off as genuine products, lamentably David Yurman is considered to be no exception. 

By way of a little bit of sound judgment plus some effective tips we think you really should be in a position to identify a imitation piece of David Yurman before you actually actually decide to purchase the product. 

Most individuals will start looking for authentic David Yurman bargains on Auction web sites and this is precisely where we will concentrate our attention. 

Get going with the actual dealer on Ebay . com. What’s their testimonials rating ? In case they have any kind of negative remarks then exactly how many ? If they have favourable opinions then just how recent are they ? 

Consider some other stuff that the seller is presently offering on Ebay. In the event they’re selling some other Yurman jewelry and they’re virtually all at reduced selling prices in comparison to the store price then it’s beginning to look suspicious. 

Look at the actual seller’s description meticulously. Does the vendor make use of words and phrases such as “David Yurman inspired” or “David Yurman style” ? Get the idea ? They’re literally revealing to you in their outline that it isn’t a genuine item !! 

Take a look closely at the actual snaps in the listing. Has the trader selected a generic photo that they have scraped from the internet or does the photo have an amateur look about it.

Surprisingly, if the picture looks like it was taken in someone’s living room then that’s a better sign than if it looks like it was taken in a photography studio as it suggests the photo is a genuine representation of the item they are selling rather than someone copying and pasting an image they have found on a website somewhere.


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