The second part of our fake David Yurman guide

The very next thing you must ask of yourself is actually where is the particular pieces of jewelry coming from ? If it is coming from China and Taiwan or even the Far East then you could easily be very certain that these are false items.

What amount of pieces is the vendor marketing ? If he is putting up for sale numerous items of the exact same design then it implies that he / she or she are marketing fakes.

If you aren’t completely happy with the snap shots employed then communicate with the seller to demand more images. If they’re unwilling then don’t buy ! Often, traders will use the same photo from the exact same angle and are not really thrilled with regards to being asked to send out further pics.

In the event that you might have already purchased some David Yurman jewelry and you also suspect it could possibly be counterfeited then relax a bit. The first thing you should do is inspect it intently the instant you receive it. If it has real diamonds then these should really be clear not tinted.

Check out the hallmark. Is it neatly stamped or does it look a little rough ?

If you think it might be a fake then take it to a localised jewelry expert or even better your local David Yurman store and request them to authenticate it. In the event that they indicate it is actually a counterfeit then make contact with the trader straightaway inquiring about your money back.

Perhaps the greatest guidance to give is that if you’re not convinced then don’t think of buying the item. It is not worth the risk !


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