David Yurman sunglasses and perfume line

While having established a name for him self inside the jewelry industry, David Yurman has now produced a fresh assortment of designer eye wear that’s already obtained the stamp of approval of various high profile celebrities. 

Designed with the same flair as DY jewellery, the sun glasses collection is a fantastic addition to the David Yurman collection with both a women’s along with gents range available for sale.

david yurman perfumeIn time for X-mas you’ll also find a range of fragrances for women in delicate, fresh and exotic essences. The perfume bottles are beautifully designed and would undoubtedly look really good on anyone’s dressing table.

The good looks of the fragrance bottle applies even more to the signature perfume range where the fragrance bottle really does looks like an artistic sculpture ! 

Yurman has almost turned sun glasses in to a kind of jewelry with several of his eyewear models including gold or sterling silver arms. With the women’s collection several of Yurman’s designs feature little highlights of precious or semi gemstones around the frame.



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